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Reclaiming “Dilettante”

This word has come to have a pejorative meaning but that wasn't always so. The root of the word is from the Latin delectare "to delight, to charm." With the advent of the industrial age and a growing professionalism during the late 18th century, this word for those who pursued an interest out of love took on a negative connotation.

I seek to reclaim the original meaning.

While brand strategists would say I should not bundle all my interests into one website, I'm going to proudly claim my diversity of interests. I look forward to seeing how our paths will intertwine.

Here are the categories:

  • Massage: certified Esalen® massage practitioner with a studio in the Mission in San Francisco.
  • Writing: erotic short fiction, a mystery novel, and spoken word.
  • Liminal Guide: facilitating a variety of embodied soul work that explores the spaces in between.
  • Visual Arts: graphic design, illustration, web design, and some humorous horse cards.
  • Real Work: with an MBA, a M.Ed. in Social Justice Education, and a BA in Physics & Math, I am skilled at assessment, organizational development, and deeply analytical work. It's just that I don't like sitting in a cubicle for too much of the day.
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