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Esalen® Massage

This style of massage grew out of Esalen Institute at Big Sur. Influenced equally by the proximity to the ocean and the focus on Gestalt, it is a style of massage that is deeply relaxing and integrating.

Similar to Swedish but more holistic, it uses long flowing strokes to integrate the parts of your body, reminding you that you are not just a shoulder or a calf . . . but a shoulder connected to a beautiful back linked to an agile hip and leg, flowing through a strong calf and out to the littlest of toes. I will use a variety of pressures--deep and less deep--to increase blood circulation, encourage lymphatic flow, and allow you to drop into your own skin.

I think you'll find the experience deeply relaxing.

My practice is on a haitus right now and I am not taking appointments. Check the share the love section for other awesome practitioners.

And if you have read this far, perhaps you would enjoy a short animated vision movie exploring the concept of nurturance . . . which is what I hope massage will be for you!

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