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Paws for Consideration

A Murder Mystery


We Are Celebrating!

Paws for Consideration won the Gay Category at the 2013 San Francisco Book Festival. That now makes Paws for Consideration an "award-winning novel" . . . who knew?


Daisy—frumpy, wheelchair-bound, self-appointed mayor of her San Francisco neighborhood—likes dogs a little bit more than people. But when she discovers Skittles, a terrified Boston Terrier, still leashed to his very dead owner's arm, she must roll into action. Careening through the Castro and the Mission, past upscale restaurants and low-down dungeons, Daisy and Skittles brave gentrification, gay-bashing, and homelessness to paw and sniff their way deep into that most dangerous of all relationships: neighbor.

Where to buy:

Available in paperback (with awesome flipbook!) or ebook at . . .
Barnes & Noble
Or just ask your local bookstore to order a copy.

Teaser (opening paragraphs) :

For the briefest of moments, a question hung in the air between two damp noses. Daisy-the-person joysticked her electric wheelchair a little closer to Daisy-the-dog. Daisy-the-dog danced one cautious step backwards in response, slid a long tongue across the tip of her nose and tasted the dampened air, trying to decide if this hulking combination of vehicle and person was to be trusted. Daisy-the-person snorted too, and wiped a sleeve across her own muzzle. “Come on over here, you cutie, and give me some love!” she said, beckoning low with an outstretched hand.

The voice of Daisy-the-person carried way beyond the dog in front of her. She was the morning wake-up call for her neighbors, as regular as the bells ringing out from the steeple of Mission Dolores, only higher pitched. She patted her generous lap again, encouraging Daisy-the-dog to come closer.

To the canine, it wasn’t clear where chair began and person ended. The way this creature moved, the wheels and the whir, were disconcerting. But she smelled good—of oily chicken scents and warm lint—and she wasn’t moving now. Daisy-the-dog decided to take a chance.



Early Praise for
Paws for Consideration:

“With its engaging mystery plot and a diverse cast ranging from amusing to alluring and occasionally both, Paws for Consideration is a true page-turner. Naughty and not for the faint-of-heart, here’s hoping this is just the first in a new series...I know I’d read the next installment.”

–Brent Calderwood,
Associate Editor, Lambda Literary

“The story offers the reader a peek under the skirt of San Francisco, revealing what they might never have paused to considered, showing them a familiar city through fresh eyes.”

–Pamela Rosin,
Awakening Presence

“Butcher’s writing is so . . . fresh, I want to pour cream on it and eat it for breakfast!”

–Kyle Jones
blogger at Butchtastic.net


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